The Wealth of Luigi – The Mushroom Kingdom’s Millionaire

“I prefer green, as in money.” – Two-Face (Harvey Dent) [1]

Luigi & Coins (New Super Mario Bros 2)

Luigi the brother of the famous Mario, is perhaps best known as the most iconic of second players.

But what is interesting to note is the hidden wealth of Luigi, while he may be somewhat looked down upon as a palette swap of Mario, he is in fact far more successful than his better beloved brother.

In his second solo outing [2], Luigi stared in the relatively well received and fifth best-selling Nintendo GameCube game – Luigi’s Mansion[3]. Now one feature within this game, beyond the Ghostbusters-style gameplay of well…catching ghosts, Luigi was able to find various different types of money and treasures during the events of the game.

Among the various treasures, include the following items and their singular value (or G[s] in-game):

  • Gold CoinCoin (5,000 Gs)
  • BillBill (20,000 Gs)
  • Gold BarGold Bar (100,000 Gs)
  • Blue JewelBlue Jewel (500,000 Gs)
  • Green JewelGreen Jewel (800,000 Gs)
  • Red JewelRed Jewel (1,000,000 Gs)
  • Silver DiamondSilver Diamond (2,000,000 Gs)
  • Red DiamondRed Diamond (5,000 Gs)
  • King Boo’s Crown (5,000 Gs)[4]
  • Gold DiamondGold Diamond (20,000,000 Gs)
  • Small PearlSmall Pearl (50,000 Gs)
  • Medium PearlMedium Pearl (100,000 Gs)
  • Big PearlBig Pearl (1,000,000 Gs)

The actual amount of these treasures, number at: 1536 Coins, 1260 Bills, 61 Gold Bars, 10 Blue Jewels, 10 Green Jewels, 10 Red Jewels, 1 Red Diamond, 5 Silver Diamonds, 2 Gold Diamonds, 76 Small Pearls, 76 Medium Pearls, 19 Large Pearls and one copy of King Boo’s Crown.

  • Gold CoinCoins: 7,680,000 Gs
  • BillBills:25,200,000 Gs
  • Gold BarGold Bars: 6,100,000 Gs
  • Blue JewelBlue Jewels: 5,000,000 Gs
  • Green JewelGreen Jewels: 8,000,000 Gs
  • Red JewelRed Jewels: 10,000,000 Gs
  • Red DiamondRed Diamond: 5,000 Gs
  • King Boo’s Crown5,000 Gs
  • Silver DiamondSilver Diamond: 10,000,000 Gs
  • Gold DiamondGold Diamonds: 40,000,000 Gs
  • Small PearlSmall Pearls: 3,800,000 Gs
  • Medium PearlMedium Pearls: 7,600,000 Gs
  • Big PearlBig Pearls: 19,000,000 Gs

Giving Luigi a total fortune of 142,390,000 Gs. An impressive number, placing Luigi into the titling of a multimillionaire.


Of course this is based on the assumption that Luigi was able to collect every treasure, which would require that our ghost-busting plumber succeeded in catching the bonus ten Gold Mice, fifteen Speedy Spirits and fifty Boos[5].

Now, at the end of the game, Luigi requires at least 100,000,000 Gs to obtain the Rank A New Mansion[6], so if we subtract the cost of the new mansion, this leaves 42,390,000 Gs as Luigi’s remaining wealth, which while a decrees, still leaves him a multimillionaire.


However, it should be noted this only the result of the NTSC version of the game, as the harder PAL version necessitated 150,000,000 Gs for the Rank A New Mansion. Making it necessary to play through the mirrored Hidden Mansion to receive Rank A, as the amount of money needed is higher than the amount of money within the normal mansion; this is further added to with the Speedy Spirits and Gold Mice now giving up a Silver Diamond when caught (as opposed to 20 and 30 coins, respectively), raising the maximum possible amount of money from 142,390,000 Gs to 186,440,000 Gs.

Which leaves our green plumber with 36,440,000 Gs, following the mandatory purchase of his Rank A New Mansion, which while notably less than the NTSC version is still an impressive sum.

This is only one of many differences with the PAL version, which included (but was not limited to) such changes as requiring 45 Boos as opposed to 40 Boos to fight the final boss, fewer hearts, more agile and difficult to catch Boos, and having Luigi fight five ghosts as opposed to three in The Artist’s Studio when catching the Portrait Ghost Vincent Van Gore, etc.

But there you have it, the rather at times overlooked Luigi is in fact one of the few confirmed millionaires of the Mushroom Kingdom, be it either the NTSC’s 42,390,000 Gs[7] or the PAL’s 36,440,000 Gs[8]. Not bad for a ghost-catching plumber.

Interestingly, despite the best efforts of any player, it is impossible for Luigi to leave the mansion with nothing to his name. As King Boo’s Crown is the only treasure in the game that is a mandatory pickup, so while Luigi doesn’t get to enjoy the luxury of a new mansion or at least a small modest house, he will leave with at minimum 5,000 Gs no matter what, on completion of the game. Not a bad sum for his troubles, considering the events of the game are meant to only take place within the time period of one day, or rather one night.


1. Wise, David and Reeves-Stevens, Judith, and Reeves-Stevens, Garfield, “The Strange Secret of Bruce Wayne”, in Batman: The Animated Series, dir. Frank Paur (Warner Bros. Television, 1992).

2. The first game in the Mario franchise where Luigi was the main character in the place of Mario, was:
Mario is Missing!, dir. Jon Mandel, prod. Jeannine Cook, and Jay Bala-Krishnan (Mindscape: Super Nintendo Entertainment System, 1992).
His third, fourth and fifth were respectively:
Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, dir. Bryce Holliday, prod. Shigeru Miyamoto (Nintendo SPD: Nintendo 3DS, 2013).
New Super Luigi U, dir. Masataka Takemoto, prod. Takashi Tezuka, and Hiroyuki Kimura (Nintendo EAD: Wii U, 2013).
Dr. Luigi, dir. Takao Nakano, prod. Hitoshi Yamagami (Nintendo SPD: Wii U, 2013/2014).

3. With a total of 3.6 million sales approximately.

4. For in game purposes, King Boo’s Crown is counted as a Red Diamond, due to its rather large red diamond resting on the top. However for this article it will exist as an individual treasure.

5. Which gives the player one of the two Gold Diamonds in the game, which are the most valuable treasures available.

6. Despite being referred to as Luigi’s New Mansion, if one is able to achieve a Rank A, the new building is in fact a large manor with the letter “L” marking its front, as opposed to another mansion; but for the sake of this article and the in-game description, the term “mansion” will be used.

7. Putting him behind the likes of Welsh actress Catherine Zeta-Jones with $45 million, and ahead of the American radio host Don Imus with $40 million.

8. Putting him behind the reality TV star Kim Kardashian, at £42 million.

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