The Expendabros – Game Review


On 5th August 2014, Free Lives Games released The Expendabros on Steam for free and was available until the 31st December 2014. It was envisioned by D. Gray Edwards, a Digital Creative in the Theatrical Film Marketing department of Lions Gate Entertainment Corporation, as an advertising companion for the 2014 film The Expendables 3.

ss_34104e628c2ee782b85e1a9a0a69efce4e5f6b26.600x338The plot is rather simple and is inspired by the aforementioned third Expendables film, The Expendabros are tasked with taking down the ruthless arms dealer Conrad Stonebanks (Mel Gibson) in jungle and forest regions of an unnamed area of Eastern Europe, amongst picturesque tree tops and absurdly dangerous lumber mills in the daytime.

At your disposal are seven legendary soldiers (or rather ‘Bros’) to fight your way through armed mooks, excessive artillery bombardment and large circular saw-blades towards Stonebanks.

These seven soldiers are all parodies of the cinematic Expendables:

Unfortunately, Bro Yang, the parody of Jet Li’s Yin Yang, is absent as it was never finished.

The music is appropriate and is provided by Deon van Heerden, the composer for Broforce. While it is not the catchiest soundtrack in video game history, it suits the simple side-scrolling run and gun platformer, intertwined with the nostalgic 80s/90s eras bombastic action movie masculinism.

ss_f1948132eacbeef93b30e1b405f588c3ba9c6bcd.600x338The simple gameplay style results in you holding down the fire button and continuously releasing a barrage of of bullets, knives and grenades against your foes and the completely destructible environment. So to put simply the game is not particular hard and you can easily finish it in a couple of minutes, although its easy style will result in you running through it all again.

Arguably however its greatest feature is its absurdity. The game takes full advantage of the over-the-top nature in the classic action movie genre. Notably, you can dig your way completely underground and thus avoid the map’s enemies by shooting the ground and walking onwards or if you wish you can effectively fly with the use of a machine gun acting like a jetpack through the shear kinetic force of its bullets.

This self-parodic nature of the game is best envisioned by the map completion cutscene, wherein you current ‘Bro’ will proudly plant the American flag among the war-torn rubble of the once scenic environment and then proceed to hitch-a-ride on a military helicopter onwards to the next area. Openly mocking the current cliché of imperialistic American jingoism.


So, while the game is nothing particularly special or mind-blowing innovative, it is fun enough for a few minutes which is fair given its short play-time and it is free, so you are not losing anything for giving it a go and if happen to like it, then yay you have a free game you like, if not, then uninstall it with no lose to yourself.

You can find a link for the game in the picture below.

The Expendabros

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