The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion – Hidden Bosses


Bethesda’s Oblivion is their fourth instalment in their popular and three time Game of the Year award wining series called The Elder Scrolls. Now Oblivion has been available worldwide since March 2006 and with its DLC expansions Knights of the Nine (2006) and Shivering Isles (2007) being released not long after.

So it can be safely assumed that most people have played and completed the game, which does leave the simple question of…What now?

What do you do post-game, well here is a little suggestion, tackle the optional and bonus hidden bosses.

So lets introduce the three hidden bonus bosses of Oblivion.


Firstly we have Erandur-Vangaril, the Lich of Lost Boy Cavern.


This level 24 Lich has a rather interesting backstory that is in the quest, the Lich of Lost Boy Cavern. Although this quest does not appear in the player character’s Journal.

It should be noted before we start, that this Lich cannot be interacted with until the player character (Hero of Kvatch) has reached at least level 23. If you do chose to find him before that, you will find the Lich within the cave but you cannot interact with the Lich nor can the Lich be attacked.

To start of, you first need to find the Lost Boy Cavern, which is situated directly north-northwest of Lake Canulus, in the Nibenay Valley and east of the Silverfish River.

Lost Boy Cavern – Map Location

Outside oOctavo02_Ob [Agnar's Journal]f the cave a nondescript journal can be found, it belonged to a mage named Vangaril, and tells how he entered the cave prior to the player to seek out an erstwhile friend named Erandur, who has taken residency in the cave.

The journal also establishes how both mages haven been expelled from the Mages Guild and that Erandur planned to turn himself into a Lich.

Now, it transpires that Vangaril succeed in slaying the physical form of his now Lich friend in the hopes of saying his soul. However, he failed to slay the spiritual side of his freind and while Vangaril took it upon himself to study his friend’s left behind tombs and notes to better prepare himself to face other Lichs in an apparent quest to exterminate them.

He eventually was corrupted by his friend’s power and still remaining spiritual form, thus he became possessed and succeeding into turning himself into a lich himself, and as a merged conscious entity he adopted  both his friend’s name and his own name, becoming Erandur-Vangaril henceforward.

His madness resulted in him sending several letters to the Mages Guild, among which included his declaration of war with them. In his further descent into the dark arts, his intentions and loyalties began to be tied to Mannimarco – King of Worms.

There isn’t really anything you get for finally allowing Erandur and Vangaril to finally rest in peace, beyond your own satisfaction.

Giant Slaughterfish

Secondly we have the self-descriptive Giant Slaughterfish.


This large aquatic creature is levelled with your character and can be found is found at the bottom of the underwater cavern of the Bravil Wizard’s Grotto, as a part of the Thieves Guild quest the Arrow of Extrication.

There isn’t really that much too say about this enemy, although unlike its smaller counterparts, the Giant Slaughterfish is a tough creature for any player to face especially those who can’t breath underwater considering its underwater cavern environment.

Although the inside of its stomach after you kill it, does imply it has eaten an adventurer before, as we can see from its most common (if not guaranteed) carried loot:


Uderfrykte Matron

Thirdly and lastly we have Uderfrykte Matron, the “Horror of Dive Rock”.


This level 18 nearly-invisible troll can be found in the high country in northeastern Cyrodiil. To do this you need to head towards Aerin’s Camp at the feet of the large Jerall Mountains range and north of Cheydinhal and east of Shrine of Azura.

The camp is the destination for the player if they wish to find the Master Acrobatics Trainer, so they will be referred here for Aerin, who the camp is named after, but instead the only occupant will be Torbern who is the only character in game who provide Master Acrobatics Training.


From there travel north-northeast, up the steep mountainside to reach Dive Rock.


At Dive Rock, you will find Agnar’s Journal next to a small camp fire, and Agnar’s and Svenja Snow-Song’s supply sack. Agnar himself can be found dead in the snow nearby, where the Uderfrykte Matron can usually be found.

The Uderfrykte Matron is nearly invisible, although it will shimmer noticeable in the snow. Your best bet is to kill it with fire damage enchanted weapons or fire magic spells.

Once defeated you can find the dismembered remains of Svenja Snow-Song within its stomach as well as the enchanted bow Frostwyrm, which has a set 15 points frost damage enchantment.

You will also want to approach the very tip of Dive Rock and look out over Cyrodiil, which will reveal several locations that will be marked on the map, including Kingscrest Cavern among others.

This bonus boss is the focus of the quest, The Horror of Dive Rock. Although this quest does not appear in the player character’s Journal.

Something that is notably interesting about the Uderfrykte Matron, is that according to Agnar’s Journal, she is the mother of the original Udyrfrykte from Bloodmoon Expansion for The Elder Scrolls III: Morrorwind. Who was a monster who attacked the mead hall of Thirsk.

Arguably a shout-out towards the to Grendel in the epic Beowulf who was a monster that attacked the mead hall Heorot, and whose mother did so as well following her son’s death as revenge.


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