Game Boy Game Cases

Collecting old games is a brilliant hobby, either because you get to experience games you never played before or it allows you to rebuild the collection of your childhood that may have been lost over the years…a pain I know to well, I have lost so many games from when I was a kid.

However, there are of course various challenges with this hobby. Most commonly these challenges are centred on the cost, as it can be pricey and some people do just list ridiculous prices for old games and its annoying; one of the other concerns is getting the whole package.

In the case of the cartridge era of gaming, very few people have the manuals or even the cases. Not surprising considered the age of most people when they got them (we didn’t know any better) and the simple fact that the boxes were cardboard and really wouldn’t last. Thankfully the cases are plastic now, which last better.

So here lies the problem, you collecting can pretty much end up as a pile or draw of loose cartridges, which is one annoying and unorganised and two it is not aesthetically pleasing for a collection that you may want to display.

Now some people have found ways around this, a common one I have seen is the use of card display cases. But personally I don’t think it fits the games, I would much rather have them in proper cases, so they can stand alongside the modern day cases.

So here is what I decided to do, when it came to the cartridges of the Game Boy, Game Boy Colour, Game Boy Advanced, and the Game Boy Advanced SP.

31z0DkAOFHLGet you hands on spare Nintendo DS cases. You need the ones that have both a DS game slot and a Game Boy Advanced slot. Thankfully they are not to tricky to find, but I advised you buy in bulk, since it tends to be cheeper.

Look to Amazon, eBay, and Riviera Multimedia, etc.



Now its pretty easy to assume where the Game Boy Advanced game will go, but the Game Boy and Game Boy Colour games are a little different. They can fit rather nicely in the manual section, being held snuggly by clips or if you file down/snap off the bottom two clips, they can fit in the same slot as the Game Boy Advanced games.


In regards to the case covers, you could make your own if you like (I did, its not that tricky – look at the Dexter’s Laboratory, Yu-Gi-Oh! Reshef of Destruction, Yu-Gi-Oh! Ultimate Masters Edition (World Championship Tournament 2006), and Krusty’s Fun House as examples of the ones I did), but if don’t want to, then I recommend you head on over to the Cover Project and use the various ones created by countless fans. They look great, some are direct scans of the cardboard box art and others are fully fan created.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you have the funds you can get these covers printed rather nicely, but if you don’t then you can do what I did and just print them on normal paper (it was cheaper). They still look nice, in my opinion.

20160902_034529 copy


This same rule applies for games of the SEGA, NES, SNES and N64, etc…Just use the Universal Game Case. You can find them on Game Seek, and probably somewhere else if you want.

See, isn’t this much nicer than a bunch of loose cartridges all over the place. Lets just hope you have the shelf room though, as they can be a little space consuming.

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2 thoughts on “Game Boy Game Cases

    1. Honestly, since I went with the very low tech route, I just measured the case size and then resized the covers in Microsoft Word to that measurement. It probably would have been a lot better if I used Photoshop or something along those lines, but I went for the quick and simple path.


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