Pokémon Sun/Moon – New Region

With recent official announcement of Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon, we can begin to question what the region will be and what it will draw from as its inspiration.

With the alleged news that these new games will still be based in Kalos, thus continuing the Francophile theme, we can actually bring some interesting theories forward with the possibility of the games begin set in the south of Kalos and thus the inspirational source being the south of the French Republic, which may very well be its boarder with the Kingdom of Spain and the Principality of the Valleys of Andorra.

If this is the case the architecture of the games’ setting could very well draw upon a collection of French, Spanish, Andorran and Moorish styles.

As French architecture has already been seen in Pokémon X and Pokémon Y, we will look at the Islamic style of Moorish architecture which can be seen in parts of Andorra and areas of Spain.

This architectural style is primarily seen in the western part of North Africa and the Iberian Peninsula, of which Spain and Portugal are situated, this all began during the Islamisation of those regions.

The characteristic elements include muqarnas, horseshoe arches, voussoirs, domes, crenellated arches, lancet arches, ogee arches, courtyards, and decorative tile work.

Some examples of these characteristic elements can be seen below.

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Some impressive examples of these Islamic Moorish castles exist in Spain and they could very well serve as inspiration for the various Pokémon gyms and the Elite Four’s location in the games.

Such as the following examples:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Of course this is all but theory of a fan of Pokémon, who happens to like the various architectural styles that exist around the world. We just have to wait and see what these games will offer us in late 2016 when they are released.


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