New Pinhead for Hellraiser: Judgment

With the recent news of a Hellraiser reboot coming forth, under the wings of Gary Tunnicliffe, who is also writing the screenplay.

Sadly this reboot has nothing to do with series creator Clive Barker nor the original actor to portray the iconic Pinhead, Doug Bradley.

It has only recently been revealed that the new actor to wear the mantle of the head priest of the Cenobitical Order of the Gash’s Pinhead is to be:

Paul T. Taylor.


This may not be the most well known name to readers, but Mr. Taylor is generally known for his smalls roles as the Assistant DA in Robert Rodriguez’ and Frank Miller’s Sin City in 2005, Texas Reporter #4 in Oliver Stone’s W. in 2008, and as Frank Sr. in James Gunn’s Super in 2010.

Other cast members include Damon Carney as ‘Detective Sean Carter’, Randy Wayne as ‘Detective David Carter’ and Alexandra Harris as ‘Detective Christine Egerton’. Who are tasked with investigating the recent spree of killers by an unknown force which may very well be Pinhead.

While the new Cenobites, with John Gulagher  as ‘The Assessor’ a sort of transcribing of sins who passes them onto the ‘The Auditor’ (actor unknown), Diane Goldner  as The Cleaner’ an aged naked women who clean bodies for punishment by licking them head to toe, and Andi Powers is going to play one of the three ‘Jury’, who are naked beautiful girls with have faces that have been shredded away (exposing bone and muscle) they pass verdicts onto the victims.

While Mike Jay Regan will return as ‘Chatter’.

Finally Jeff Fenter, Helena Grace Donald and Grace Montie will be playing the roles of ‘Karl Watkins’, ‘Jophiel’, and ‘Crystal Lanning’ respectively. While Heather Langenkamp will play a chain-smoking ‘Landlady’

The new Cenobites?

If the film will be any is a grand question we will have to wait and see to be answered, but considering what happened to the pervious films in the series with the absence of Clive Barker and last’s absence of Doug Bradley, there isn’t much hope.

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