Stop Pre-Orders They Are Getting Ridiculous

With the recent announcement of Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon, there isn’t a Nintendo fan alive who doesn’t desire to own these latest instalments so unsurprisingly most retailers have jump onto that opportunity.

So GAME, Amazon UK (Sun), Amazon UK (Moon), and Zavvi are offering you the chance to pre-order the games. This was announced literally right after Nintendo’s Pokémon Direct on the 26th February, again I will repeat this…RIGHT AFTER THE DIRECT!

The games are not even out yet, they have just been announced. How the hell can you offer a pre-order of something that far from release. This isn’t Kickstarter for crying out loud.

The games are due to be released this Autumn, this rather vague release date doesn’t start till September (for the Northern Hemisphere)…so at minimum 5 months and 30 days, which it very well could be longer considering Autumn lasts until the 30th November, so it may very well be 8 months and 28 days.

Why pre-order something with such a large time frame, at least wait till some time has past following the announcement before you swarm everything up with pre-orders.

Unsurprisingly Amazon are offering 20% off pre-orders to those who are Amazon Prime members. Another charming way to make you spend more money under the illusion that you saving yourself some.

So you can safely bet that each of these retails are going to offer some ‘incentive’ to convince you to pre-order from them, be it a novelty case or an in-game code for a bunch of Poké Balls like Tesco did for Pokémon X/Y.

Pre-order if you must but at least have the decency to wait for the games to enjoy the afterglow of their own announcement, before the internet is flooded with offers of pre-orders out of every nook and crevice.

Falling victim to this, will merely encourage this practice and convince the retailers that they can get away with these false promises of pre-orders, or do we want a repeat of the GameCube Controller Adapters for the Nintendo Wii U. I assume you remember Amazon UK‘s vast cancellation of these orders when they failed to meet the demand they suggested they could meet with their preemptive pre-orders…go on refresh your memory.

These retailers make claims of being able to meet unknown demands for a product that they don’t even have yet, so you are gambling if nothing else.

There are countless problems with pre-orders, with failure to meet demand, and so called ‘pre-order bonuses’, etc. So we need to stop feeding this dubious practice, it is not benefitting us, it only benefits the retails who did not make the games we enjoy playing.

Just…can’t people, be them customers or retailers, simply wait? Even just a few days, at least let the games enjoy the limelight of their own announcement if anything.

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