Stardew Valley: ‘Solorian Chronicles: The Game’ – Rank A, B, C

For those of you romancing Sebastian in Stardew Valley, you will notice that once six hearts with him, you can trigger a cut-scene, like with many of the relationship milestones in the game.


Now with Sebastian, when you enter his room, you will be greeted by him and Sam, who are  starting up a game of ‘Solorian Chronicles: The Game’ and Sebastian asks you to join.

You then get to play through a “scenario” of which you will be graded on. They offer you the first choice of the game, to be either:

  • “Warrior. I like a direct approach.”
  • “Healer. I prefer to help others.”
  • “Wizard. A sharp mind is the most powerful blade of all.”

In the end it doesn’t really matter which one you chose. However, if you happen to want to achieve a certain grading by Sebastian and Sam, then here is what you have to do.

Ranking C:

  • Choose the warrior.
  • Decide to circle the tower to look for a hidden way.
  • Climb the stairs to your right and enter the boss battle.
  • In the battle choose to raise your shield up and defend.

Ranking B:

  • Choose the wizard.
  • Go around the back.
  • Enter the left, through the glowing door.
  • Destroy the capsules.
  • Enter the boss room and defend Sebastian and Sam with your magic.
  • The evil wizards beam will bounce back on him and kill him.
  • Then you win.

Ranking A:

  • Choose the healer
  • Enter the front.
  • Defend yourself (Shield).
  • Enter the hallway to your left.
  • Decide to destroy the capsules.
  • Enter the boss battle.
  • Decide to heal Sebastian, the wizard.

If you follow the ‘A’ path, Sebastian will be surprised by how quickely you picked up the game and you will be rewarded with this little screen:


It should be noted that there are different paths to achieve this result, but this just happens to be one I am aware works. Also it doesn’t really matter what grade you get, since it doesn’t change anything in game nor with the relationship status with Sebastian, however if you want to see a certain grade appear then here you go.


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6 thoughts on “Stardew Valley: ‘Solorian Chronicles: The Game’ – Rank A, B, C

  1. Hey! Thanks for the guide; just wanted to let you know that I followed your steps to achieve an “A” grade, and received a “B” grade so I suspect there must be other variables involved.


    1. Ah, now that is interesting. The guide was based on my own experience with the scenario during my playthrough, and I am aware that there are multiple ways to approach the different paths to achieve the graded results, however I will have to look into the possibility of adventitious influences affecting the outcome.


  2. Thanks for the guide. Just wanted to mention for others for A rank since it was a bit unclear, when you enter the front; select to Fight the skeleton (not run away), then pick the shield option.


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