Stardew Valley: Secret Weapon

One of the charming features within Stardew Valley is the combat, much in the vain of Rune Factory, which is fitting considering Stardew Valley‘s inspiration by Harvest Moon.

Now in the game there exists a variety of melee weapons, and this hidden one is the best available.

As soon as you have fixed the Bus by completing all of the Vault Bundles at the Community Centre, which will set you back a total of 42500 gold. Once done you can have Pam drive you to the Calico Desert at the cost of 500g each time, although the return trip is free. Tickets can only be purchased when Pam is present at the Bus Stop, which is from 10:10 am till 5:00 pm.


Prismatic_ShardBefore you do this however, make sure you are carrying a Prismatic Shard. Which can be found either in the Iridium Node, the Mystic Stone, the Iridium ore deposits in the Quarry, and the Omni Geode; or if you are very lucky it can be dropped by a Shadow Brute, Void Spirit, Serpent, or Mummy.

Now once you have the Prismatic Shard in hand, head on over to the Calico Desert.


Once there, head north from the bus till you reach the North-East part of the area where you will find three pillars. If you stand within the centre of these three pillars, visibly as a circle design on the sand, whilst holding out the Prismatic Shard it will be replaced with the Galaxy Sword.


Galaxy_SwordThe Galaxy Sword is arguably the best sword available in the game. It is capable of dealing out 60-80 points of damage on hit and as an effect bonus it provides you with +4 to your Speed stat.


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