Stardew Valley: Secret Alien

A charming little secret can be found in Stardew Valley, a secret of extraterrestrial origin.


At the start of the title page, where you have the option of picking either a new game, loading a pervious save or just exiting.

Instead hover you curser over the letter ‘E’ in Stardew, and click it ten times.


Once you do this you will see a charming little secret, a green alien much in the vain of the Roswell Greys in visual appearance.

It will perform the V sign hand gesture at you for a few seconds and then vanish, although the letter ‘E’ will remain blank.


It should also be noted that one can see a UFO fly by one the scene during the Fall season a the end of the day, when you can see your profits for the day.



Copyrighted material used under Fair Use, and belong to their respected copyright holders.

Copyright © 2013 – 2016 Patrick Ward – All Rights Reserved.

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