Deus Ex: Mankind Divided & Album Art Easter Egg

There is a amusing little set of easter eggs that can be found in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. At any point while you are in the Czech capital of Prague, head on over to The Music Box in the northern section.

31 – The Music Box



The Music Box itself doesn’t really offer much, there is a computer containing three mails, behind level one security. In basement, you can put a Biocell in a socket on the wall (corner) to unlock a secret safe, and the building itself is connected with the nearby flat at M3,32 via vents filled with poisonous gas (which when explored will give you +200XP), as well as leading to side passage in/out at M3,34 (which gives +200XP).

Once inside you will notice that the music store is filled to the brim with vinyls, and those who decide to take a closer look will recognise many of these vinyls by their parodic cover art.

Real Album Cover Art

Interestingly, among the parody albums are two real life albums, that are not shown as pastiches in any way.

The album Aion by Lithium Dawn, who are a progressive metal band (with ambient and dub influences), from Los Angeles. They have a Bandcamp page, and they offer Aion as a free download.

The album This Is How I Let You Down, by The Franklin Electric. Who are a Montreal based alternative folk-pop band. They maintain a website and a Bandcamp page.

Parody Posters:

Although no album art is shown, you can also find parodies of three noted metal bands. These posters can be found in Václav Koller’s underground clinic at his book shop The Time Machine in the southern portion of the Czech capital city of Prague.


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