New Pinhead for Hellraiser: Judgment

With the recent news of a Hellraiser reboot coming forth, under the wings of Gary Tunnicliffe, who is also writing the screenplay.

Sadly this reboot has nothing to do with series creator Clive Barker nor the original actor to portray the iconic Pinhead, Doug Bradley.

It has only recently been revealed that the new actor to wear the mantle of the head priest of the Cenobitical Order of the Gash’s Pinhead is to be:

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Mortal Kombat X – The Alien’s Fatality, X-Ray & Brutality

The fine folks at IGN have uploaded the full roster of the Xenomorph’s ferocious kills. The Xenomorph, better known as the titular Alien recently joined the lineup of NetherRealm Studios‘ current  iteration of the Mortal Kombat franchise as DLC for Mortal Kombat X, joining the likes of other DLC characters for this instalment such as the Yautja (better known colloquially as the Predator), Jason Voorhees from the Friday The 13th film series and Leatherface from the Texas Chain Saw Massacre film franchise.

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Bedlam, Crazy Bedlam

Here is an old short-story I wrote for Horror Homework, as part of their March Art Contest with Clive Barker.

I was lucky enough to have my submission chosen among the finalists, which was pretty cool.

If you follow this link you can see all the other cool stuff that people did for the contest, my story is also there and its a part of this post if you click ‘Read More’.

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Cadaver Reflection

This was something I scribbled down quite a while ago, it was part of a competition I entered a while back that focused on the theme of body image.

So, I though it best to put a warning that this story does centre on a horribly distorted body image with elements of an eating disorder. So, if this is something you may find uncomfortable or distressing, then you may want to give this a miss.

If not, then if you click ‘Read More’ you can read the story.

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It’s The Little Things

I have never really been much of a traditional romance writer, it just happens to be a genre I struggle with as most of my characters tend to possess traits that are generally unassociated with it.

I’m pretty sure the only experience I have with romance writing is with the game Shelf Life: A Maize-Based Love Story, for which I did some of the writing alongside a group of pretty cool people.

Still, here is a little something I scribbled a while back for a contest that wanted slight twists on traditional romantic fiction.

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The Echoed Lay of Narcissus

So, this is a written piece I did for The Student Wordsmith’s literary journal, The Purple Breakfast Review. It was for their 4th publication and had to be themed around ‘Echoes’, reading at exactly 1000 words in length.


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My Jekyll Doesn’t Hyde In Gomorrah

Here is an adaptation piece I did, that takes the scene in Chapter Four of Robert Louis Stevenson’s Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, wherein Inspector Newcomen and Gabriel Utterson travel to Hyde’s apartment in Soho in an attempt to arrest Hyde for his murder of Sir Danvers Carew.

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